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When I heard Loraine say, "Stop leaving money on the table," I thought, "That's for me!" I had no idea how many sales I was missing out on! My work with Loraine paid for itself many times over in additional sales. Plus, my customers are happier, because I'm serving them more fully. The DIY Programs and her Done For You Services are great. But with the one-to-one work, I understand more what my business needs and I am involved in strategic planning, so I am more committed to doing what it takes. This really was "OMG ROI!"
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Loraine begins with the quote from Stephen Covey, "Begin with the end in mind." After we talked about where I want to end up, we used her worksheets to discover more of my opportunities and resources - I could see I was in better shape than I had thought. Then we started making decisions, setting plans, and taking action. Now I really know - one step at a time - I can do anything. I've got my first book published, and I'm working toward more of my goals.
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I'm a do-it-yourselfer, so I didn't see how I would benefit enough from one-to-one work with Loraine. But, when I filled out the questionnaire, I could tell she knows her stuff - and that she cares about my business doing well. Then with with Discovery Session, I knew she would be able to see my business from the Sales Funnel aspect, and suggest money-making improvements. Loraine gives incredible value.
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