Libraries & Money From Your Book

Make More Money from Your Books

We all want to make more sales – and money – from our books and training programs.

There is a place where the income we seek is hiding in plain sight – at libraries.
This article provides information about the Library Market and ways to cash in on the boon.

Libraries are offering eBooks to their memberships.
Libraries aren’t just for hardcover and paperback books anymore.

ISBN’s and Library Book Sales
If you want to work with one of the biggest suppliers to libraries, you’ll need an ISBN Number. Who is that supplier?  OverDrive.  OverDrive requires an ISBN for your ebooks; without the ISBN, they won’t mention your eBook to their vast list of libraries.  Period.

Why Libraries?
For three reasons:

1) Libraries buy books that they lend to their members for free.  This increases the visibility and awareness of your books, of you as an author, or of you as a publisher.

2)  Improved readership of your books promotes your brand awareness, business’s authority, as well as sales of your products and services.

3)  OverDrive improves the results of consumers searching for your book subject in search engine results (like Google).  According to a recent survey by Verso Advertising, close to 60 percent of book buyers name “search engine results” as the most useful factor in purchasing.

So, while you are considering ways to promote books sales – for income and for exposure and publicity – consider the library and it’s biggest book supplier, OverDrive – as your new best friends.

How are you promoting your books?

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