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Claim Your "Acres of Diamonds!"

"It's like a High-Priced Consultant in a Box!"

     Have you felt that the success you want is just out of reach?  Get ready for Explosive Results & Success.         Everything you want IS available. . . right in your backyard!   Get the answers.  Get the resources.  Get into action.  And catapult your income and your life! NOW IS YOUR TIME!  

Not sure this is a fit for you?  
Meet with Loraine, personally, to discuss your goals and needs.  No obligation. We want to help you on your success path.  Period. In fact, it's our intention that you walk away from that meeting with ideas you can use immediately to rock your results 

"This process gives you the clarity you need to succeed."
Super Cindy
Cash Crusader

"It's like a High-Priced Consultant in a Box. Except there's no hourly fee and I don't have to go anywhere.  I can use the worksheets at my own pace and at my own place!   -  Jerry Mailhot, CA 

FREE Breakthrough Meeting with Loraine.


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Designed to help you start-up or step-up your business, while you beef-up your income.  "Claim Your Acres of Diamonds," includes:
-  Informative & inspirational
-  3 digital DVDs
-  Worksheets & Samples
   from program
- LIVE WORKSHOP (On-demand recording available, too)

Email Marketing for OMG ROI!

Email Marketing with Loraine Works Like Magic!!

They say, "The money is in your list."  The riches you want are in there, but you have to work your list - with EMAIL.  

Biz experts agree, it takes 5 to 12 "touches" (or exposures) to you before they buy.  Yet, most only follow-up TWICE before they give up. 

Let their loss be your gain. Stop leaving money on the table!  Follow-up, then keep up with your customers - with EMAIL.

Can't  you just smell the Money?

"With training by Barbara Loraine, EMAIL MARKETING works like magic!  I thought email was dead. That's what your competitors want you to think!  Build your list and work it!  -  Jeanette Joy  - CA

FREE Breakthrough Meeting with Loraine.

Email Marketing Report: Rules, Templates & Samples - to Rock Your Contacts & Sales!

Get Yours Now, Just $57

Previously this Report was for Clients only. For a limited time, we are making it available to small business people who seriously want to grow their business & income.  It's a daily play book for your email marketing.

Or Add the Action-Oriented Report to your Email Marketing Program order & get 65% off!

Usually $597

    Why don't people email and use auto-responders?  It does take some work - UP FRONT. But once you've got your campaigns set, you are set. As in "Ready, Set, Go!" . . . all the way to the bank!
     Nothing gives you the return on investment that Email Marketing does.
     Get in touch and stay in touch with your prospects and clients.   

Sales Funnel Mastery - for OMG ROI!

"Loraine is like a Geni granting your every wish!"

Done-For-You Available

 You’ve heard the old saying, “Nothing happens until something is sold.”

With Sales Funnel – for OMG ROI!, you can make more growth happen in your business because of the strategies and tactics you learn . . . and use.

You can learn yourself or we'll train your staff!  Or Both!

FREE Breakthrough Meeting with Loraine.

There are two ways to make more money: 1) get more customers to sell to and 2) sell more to the customers you already have.

With Sales Funnel – for OMG ROI! you’ll do both. You’ll make the most of what you spend on lead generation. And, you’ll make more $ from each of your customers.

Yes, we offer Done-For-You-Services

Video Marketing - Now Just $247. Usually $597.



About your market and ideal customers, as well as what they need, and what the best products are for you to offer.  

How to thrill your customers and keep them coming back for more. You’ll gain more understanding of what your customers want . . . and you’ll give them that. It’s a win-win. Your buyers get their needs and wants met – big time. And you make more money. Woo hoo!

Most importantly, you'll learn the steps along the way - from lead generation to sales conversion - from happy customer that buy more.

Learn Do-It-Yourself Video Production

Make Your Company the Star it is Meant to be!

As a filmmaker with dozens and dozens of interviews under her belt, Loraine is uniquely qualified to teach Do It Yourselfers. Especially since she is a marketer, producer, and performer.  

It's not all about the filming, t's the lights, sound (and music), background AND the story told with your script!     Tell your story well, people will love you, & BUY! 

FREE Breakthrough Meeting with Loraine.

Video can take your business far . . . a  good video, that is. And, an affordable video solution make it possible. After all, you should have lots of videos to catapult your business in a gazillion ways.  But you gotta do it right, make the right impression, and help people say "Yes!"

The first thing for you to know is, Video can be extremely valuable. And, with my help - You CAN do it!

Video Marketing - Now Just $197. Usually $597.


Video marketing for small business success program by Barbara Loraine

The first thing for you to know is, with my help - You CAN do it!  

We cover everything you need to know:
- Lighting
- Background
- Sound
- Equipment &    Gear
- Editing
- Delivery
- What to Wear
- Background
- Voiceover
- Types of Videos
- When to Use Video
- Where to Promote
- Scripting & More

Coming Soon - 8-week hands-on Video Workshop $1,497

You walk away with 5 completed videos to grow your business

Done-For-You Services

Let Us Turn Your Sale & Marketing into Gigantic Earnings!

It's about More Leads & More $$$ per Client

We specialize in Wow!  Whatever your digital marketing needs, we've got you covered - and then some.  We listen to what you need to grow your business.  We've got the talent to handle whatever you need . . . to crush it!  We consider ourselves as "on the team" with you as our client. Save time & make more $$$!

     It all begins with where you are now, what your opportunities are, and the plans to get you where you want to go.  
     We work with you, toward reaching your goals and exceeding your expectations. After all, our success depends on helping your become successful!   

wow done for you marketing small business services

FREE Breakthrough Meeting with Loraine.

With our team of  TWENTY
EXPERTS, we are ready to Wow! you - so you can Wow! your clients!  

Nothing less will do, in today's competitive, high-tech world.  Clients expect a lot - we help you deliver on and exceed their expectations. 

Rock Your Results - Faster & Bigger!

1-to-1 Business Consulting & Training with Loraine

Barbara Loraine really IS the "Queen of Small Business."  When it comes to helping you start or grow your business, she rules!  

We begin with a discussion aout your goals, challenges, and opportunities.  Then we work together to help you get where you want to go 

FREE Breakthrough Meeting with Barbara Loraine.

The "Inside Job" of Business

Success Coaching

For years, I worked exclusively helping people feel more like succeeding.   You see, we do what we feel like doing. So if we don't feel like doing what it takes, worse yet, if we do the work and don't feel we deserve it (or if in some way success doesn't feel right for us) - we will sabotage our progress.  

Feeling we deserve success is key. We've all seen people who reach a degree of success, then, sabotage their progress.  

You have to be willing to receive, you must feel worthy, before you will allow ourselves to prosper.      

We've seen this with lottery winners, musicians, actors, and others who seem to have it all.  But they throw it all away.

You can tell how much you feel you should have - look at your bank account.  If you'd like to change your results - I may just be your best coach. 

FREE Breakthrough Meeting with Loraine.Busine

I've worked with all kinds of people to help them overcome all kinds of issues - but mostly helping them feel like doing what it takes to do better with their work.

I've worked with ESPN heavyweight boxers, Chicago Board of Trade investors, countless sales people, and business people who wanted to get to the top of their game and to win big!